Working with passionate people definitely makes you passionate!

Working with passionate people definitely makes you passionate!
Like many of us I have always been deeply touched by the tragic disaster events which the media readily present to us.  Upon reflection I rarely thought about the crushing poverty that so many endure in between these major events.
From working at Tearfund I have been faced with the brutal fact that poverty isn't just about these disasters, but sadly is a daily reality for millions of people. People who you never hear about in the news headlines. This, largely, isn't due to a lower death toll but purely because it is a daily reality with no immediate shock factor. Because the poverty of these people is so constant, it is so easy to be lulled into an attitude of inaction. 

Global poverty awareness week is coming up ( I didn't even know that this existed... did you?) and I have decided to join my Tearfund colleagues in a "rice and beans" challenge. It involves eating small portions of rice and beans and drinking only tap water for 5 days. 

Well... that sounds like fun.

I'll let you all know how it goes! :)

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